Bold, unique, and modest are some words that may describe Shaquania, owner of Devae's Divine Designs.


Shaquania is an Accredited Event Designer and a published Floral Designer. Her floral design can been seen in well-renowned bridal and floral magazines, such as Black Bride and Munaluchi Bridal.

Shaquania is continuously learning the latest trends and styles in the floral industry, as well as finding ways to leave her mark.


Shaquania's currently a full-time student at Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta, Georgia, pursuing a Bachelors degree in Interior Design. Designing has always been her passion.

Check out her school portfolio 



Shaquania served in the U.S. army alongside her husband for over 6 years before she found her calling in entrepreneurship and design.

  • My handsome boys, Alex & Lj.

  • Lander, my loving husband. <3

  • Decorating and painting in my spare time.

  • Eating... everything! I'm no picky eater, but wings and fries are my go-to.

  • Roses, because they're low-maintience, they come in just about every color, and they're classic, timeless and will never go out of style. 

Can we speak in flowers? It'll be easier for me to understand.  :-)

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